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Tisziji Muñoz

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Tisziji Muñoz

Tisziji Muñoz has been played on NTS in shows including RVNG Intl. Presents Friends & Fiends, featured first on 27 October 2016. Songs played include The Word Of God Chant.

Spirit-taught, avant-garde jazz virtuoso and extreme guitarist, Tisziji Muñoz is best known for his uniquely original guitar sound and playing style, likened to that of a spiritual tornado. Born on July 15, 1946, his career has spanned over four decades and includes a vast repertoire of creative works and inspired compositions released by his independent label, Anami Music.

Phil Ramone: “Tisziji Muñoz is the Hendrix-Coltrane of the guitar. His music is pure American avant-garde.” He has…

The Word Of God Chant
India Navigation1978
The Word Of God Chant
MuñozIndia Navigation1978