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C4 has been played on NTS in shows including Swing Ting, featured first on 23 October 2016. Songs played include Dem Game Deh.

There are at least seventeen bands called C4:

a Hardcore band from Bulgaria A rapper from Texas, United States An electronica artist from Ohio, United States A side project of Michael Angelo Batio, a musician from Illinois, United States A DJ from China A hip-hop duo from Florida, United States A rock band from Japan an experimental artist from Belgium A rock band from the United States A reggaeton band from Chile A DJ from Hungary A reggae musician A Grime/Garage MC…
Dem Game Deh
Equiknoxx Music feat. C4, Tifa
Equiknoxx Musiq2016
Dem Game Deh
Equiknoxx Music feat. C4, TifaEquiknoxx Musiq2016