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Jay Ray

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Jay Ray

Jay Ray has been played on NTS shows including Party Socks w/ Minus Kendal, with Activated (Atomizer Remix) first played on 22 July 2018.

Jay Ray (Also known as Joni Säde) is known as a vocalist, solo artist, producer and remixer from Finland. He has multiple singles and remixes out with one full-length album Self-Resonance

His first single is called Crucial Fracture His second is called "The Great Art of Living. More can be found on his youtube channel .

His solo project started in 2012 after leaving his previous band, Mysore. Since then he has won several FiXT Remix completions (1st place in Adam Lambert & J….

Activated (Atomizer Remix)
Jay Ray (Atomizer mix)
Activated (Atomizer Remix)
Jay Ray (Atomizer mix)MFS1996