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Phil Durrant

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Phil Durrant

Phil Durrant has been played on NTS in shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, featured first on 17 July 2016. Songs played include The First Bud.

Phil Durrant has been an improviser and composer since 1977. He plays the violin and, more recently, live electronics. He is or was a member of Chris Burn Ensemble, Quatuor Accorde, MIMEO, Assumed Possibilities, Lunge, Ticklish and Trio Sowari, and has often played with other improvising musicians such as John Butcher, John Russell, Thomas Lehn, Radu Malfatti, Matt Davis and Mark Wastell.

The First Bud
Phil Durrant, Lee Patterson, Paul Vogel
Cathnor Recordings2009
The First Bud
Phil Durrant, Lee Patterson, Paul VogelCathnor Recordings2009