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Reconstruction was first played on NTS on 24 July 2018. Songs played include Enorma Jones.

Reconstruction was a band formed by John Kahn to occupy him while Jerry Garcia, his long-time musical collaborator, was busy with the Grateful Dead. The band's original guitar player was Jerry Miller, best-known for performing with Moby Grape. Garcia, who wanted to play in a jazz band, replaced Miller in 1979.

Reconstruction performed only for an eight-month period in 1979. The band's first performance was January 30, 1979 at the Keystone in Berkeley, California. Its last performance was on September 22, 1979, at the Keystone in Palo Alto, California. During that…

Enorma Jones
Randall Kennedy, Mark Nine, Reconstruction
Underworld Records1985
Enorma Jones
Randall Kennedy, Mark Nine, ReconstructionUnderworld Records1985