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Carlitta Durand

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Carlitta Durand

Carlitta Durand has been played on NTS in shows including 100 Elements w/ YL , featured first on 26 July 2018. Songs played include After The Party.

Carlitta Durand, born November 19, 1984 in Minneapolis, MN into a multi-racial family, has always been destined for diversity and change. Introduced to music at a very young age, in her mother’s belly, Carlitta has always had a deep love for music. Prince’s Purple Rain is one of Carlitta’s first memories of music, falling in love with every piano riff, percussion beat, and Prince’s indescribable talent and voice. Carlitta started singing in pre-school, her teacher would catch her…

After The Party
Little Brother feat. Carlitta Durand
ABB Records2007
After The Party
Little Brother feat. Carlitta DurandABB Records2007