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La Mambanegra

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La Mambanegra

La Mambanegra has been played on NTS in shows including Floating Roofs, featured first on 23 July 2017. Songs played include El Blues De Yemaya.

La Mambanegra (The Black Mamba) is a powerfull latin music orchestra. Its venom is made of 70s NYC Salsa and elements of Jamaican and Colombian music, Funk and Hip Hop music.

Inspired by the story of an anonymous and mythical heroe of the Barrio Obrero, a popular neighborhood of Cali, who had a series of fantastic advendtures in his hometown, La Habana and New York, this orchestra brings a new concept of Salsa and Latin Music to the world.

Highlighted as…

El Blues De Yemaya
La Mambanegra feat. Yasek Manzano
Bombo Records2015
El Blues De Yemaya
La Mambanegra feat. Yasek ManzanoBombo Records2015