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Tommy Seebach

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Tommy Seebach

Tommy Seebach has been played on NTS shows including Rap Vacation, with Bubble Sex first played on 9 August 2018.

Tommy Seebach (September 14, 1949-March 31, 2003), born Tommy Seebach Mortensen, was a popular Danish singer, composer, organist, pianist and producer. He is considered Denmark's pop king. He was married to Karen and they had three children: Nikolaj, Rasmus and Marie.

Tommy was born in Copenhagen. He started his musical career as an organist in his own group "The Colours" at 14 years of age, and in the years to follow he played in many pop and beat groups. He played piano with various orchestras and…

Bubble Sex
Tommy Seebach
EMI, Fame1983
Bubble Sex
Tommy SeebachEMI, Fame1983