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Phylum Sinter

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Phylum Sinter

Phylum Sinter has been played on NTS shows including Raji Rags, with Back 2,1 first played on 10 August 2018.

Phylum Sinter is the pseudonym of Detroit-Based musician Christopher Todd, used to release his Experimental Electronic music. Inside, the audience is encouraged to do something… anything really -- as this is the very definition of Phylum Sinter: a species intended to be used as fuel, compressed and sintered into the listener's being. On the surface, one can expect a blend of glitch-friendly beats, custom DSP fiddling, classically-slanted melodies, and the occasional pop hook.

C. Todd has been exploring the connection…

Back 2,1
Phylum Sinter
Detroit Underground2014
Back 2,1
Phylum SinterDetroit Underground2014