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Michael Valentine West

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Michael Valentine West

Michael Valentine West has been played on NTS in shows including Awkward Movements, featured first on 7 December 2014. Songs played include Schmidt X..

Birmingham based producer, Michael Valentine West, is droping, in his debut LP, Pucker Up, highly sexual and slightly provocative lyrics topping instrumentals made by a cyborg Prince, not so far from Jamie Lidell's Muddlin Gear or Super Collider but with some nasty plans involving your girlfriend.

The 80s underground Synth-Pop, NewBeat, Wave, Concrete and IDM tinted background melt perfectly with Boogie-Funk and Jazz influences… This osmosis is fresh, radical and absolutely addictive. A modern beauty not for the faint of…

Schmidt X.
Michael Valentine West
Ana Ott2014
Schmidt X.
Michael Valentine WestAna Ott2014