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Jean-François Pauvros

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Jean-François Pauvros

Jean-François Pauvros has been played on NTS shows including Music To Ease Your Disease, with Une Plage De Bling first played on 1 October 2017.

Jean-François Pauvros is a French composer, electric guitarist and an Avant-garde Musician. He was a music professor before he delved into a career in music. Pauvros believes in the essence of nomadic chaos. He pushes the limits of instruments creating voluptuous and poignant sounds. His work is an electric cocktail dosed with fury, sharp skill and black humor. also member of Catalogue since 1979.

Une Plage De Bling
Jean-François Pauvros, Gaby Bizien
Une Plage De Bling
Jean-François Pauvros, Gaby BizienUn-Deux-Trois1976