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Winters In Osaka

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Winters In Osaka

Winters In Osaka has been played on NTS shows including The Witching Hour, with Meat Ditch first played on 12 October 2017.

-harsh, needlestorm electronics subscribe more to the "scour the meninges off yr brain" variety of physical impact.

-Like a 3 am televangelist, Winters in Osaka have the pow-AH.

-thick whirring buzzscape

-noisy party with few friends around, and burly tinnitus

be warned, this is some seriously noisy shit!

-Winter's in Osaka leave on a pinnacle, almost orgasmic, point that you would have never thought possible.

Meat Ditch
Bongripper, Winters In Osaka
Not On Label (Bongripper Self-released)2008
Meat Ditch
Bongripper, Winters In OsakaNot On Label (Bongripper Self-released)2008