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Straitjacket Fits

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Straitjacket Fits

Straitjacket Fits has been played on NTS in shows including Terrible Records, featured first on 18 October 2017. Songs played include She Speeds.

Straitjacket Fits formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1986 and were a prominent band in the Flying Nun label's second wave of the Dunedin Sound.

Like many of their stablemates, the band hailed from the southern city of Dunedin. They formed from the ashes of The Double Happys, a band comprised of Shayne Carter, Wayne Elsey and John Collie. The tragic accidental death of Elsey saw the two remaining Double Happys join forces with David Wood in 1986 to form Straitjacket Fits. Andrew…

She Speeds
Straightjacket Fits
Flying Nun Records1989
She Speeds
Straightjacket FitsFlying Nun Records1989