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Bill Seaman

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Bill Seaman

Bill Seaman has been played on NTS shows including Awkward Movements, with Readymade For Rrose first played on 7 December 2014.

Bill Seaman music often combines his own structured piano improvisations, composed selections of samples, as well as elaborate computational and analogue abstractions. As a media theorist, he is interested in notions of intelligent systems and computational creativity. His recent collaborations include Light Folds – The Seaman and the Tattered Sail with Craig Tattersall (Facture) – The Humble Bee , The Boats; Minor Distance with Daniel Howe (Cotton Goods); and s_straits with John Supko (Cotton Goods). He has been active as a media artist, making…

Readymade For Rrose
Bill Seaman, John Supko
Cotton Goods2014
Readymade For Rrose
Bill Seaman, John SupkoCotton Goods2014