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Jason Urick

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Jason Urick

Jason Urick has been played on NTS in shows including Gassy, featured first on 23 October 2017. Songs played include I Love You.

Husbands comes out in late October and will probably appeal to fans of WZT Hearts (obviously) and to those who enjoy some of our more recent avant-releases like Mountains, Lithops, David Daniell and Douglas McCombs and Lokai.

Husbands is Jason Urick’s solo debut. Those well-versed in the Baltimore or experimental electronic music scenes might be familiar with his band WZT Hearts or his solo works as themoonstealingproject. Husbands finds Urick at a crossroads where his ideas are becoming more fully realized, and while…

I Love You
Jason Urick
Thrill Jockey2012
I Love You
Jason UrickThrill Jockey2012