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Dachshund has been played on NTS in shows including Shanti Celeste, featured first on 10 August 2018. Songs played include So What.

Dachshund was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. He got his first introduction to music in the 90's, playing guitar in Reggae bands. That was the beginning of his long lasting love story with dub music. Among other bands, his collaboration with The Restless Mashaits lead him to Downtown Kingston Jamaica in 1995, where he mixed instrumentals recorded in Switzerland on 2 inch tapes with Jamaican musicians recorded onsite. Jamaica was a revelation to Dachshund.

There, he witnessed the work of Jamaican sound engineers…

So What
Lee Van Dowski, Dachshund
Ilian Tape2007
So What
Lee Van Dowski, DachshundIlian Tape2007