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Demon Preacher

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Demon Preacher

Demon Preacher has been played on NTS in shows including Black Impulse, featured first on 9 December 2017. Songs played include Perfect Dub.

The Demons' was formed in 1995 in Stockholm, Sweden and fast became a part of the growing rock scene in and around their hometown. After appearances on a handful of compilations they released their first single ''Electrocute'' (Ruff Nite 1997) and EP, the fierce ''''Demons'' …Come Burst!ng Out!''. It led to interest from Gearhead Records and the band signed in the beginning of 2000. That same year the debut album ''Riot Salvation'' (Gearhead 2000) was unleashed to great critical acclaim.

Their new album…

Perfect Dub
Demon Preacher
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Perfect Dub
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