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The Walkabouts

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The Walkabouts

The Walkabouts has been played on NTS in shows including Andrew Weatherall Presents: Music's Not For Everyone, featured first on 4 January 2018. Songs played include People Such As These (Kevin's Dub).

The Walkabouts was an American rock band formed in Seattle in 1984 by Chris Eckman and Carla Torgerson. Other members have been Michael Wells, Glenn Slater and Terri Moeller. The Walkabouts disbanded in 2015.

Although the Walkabouts started in Seattle, US their main base of popularity was Europe. Their blend of folk idioms and noisy experimental rock has won them lots of devoted fans; however, even with twelve studio albums and another 15…

People Such As These (Kevin's Dub)
The Walkabouts
Glitterhouse Records2003
People Such As These (Kevin's Dub)
The WalkaboutsGlitterhouse Records2003