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Georges Brassens

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Georges Brassens

Georges Brassens was a French singer and songwriter known for accompanying himself with his acoustic guitar. He wrote some extremely controversial, yet poetic songs. In doing so, he managed to change attitudes across France.

He was uncompromising when composing his songs. His tactical method of addressing issues was profound and often humorous, making him a unique and effective figure in the French community.

Brassens, born in 1921 in the small Mediterrenean port of Sete, wanted to be a poet. He realized very early however that poetry in the 20th century could hardly put bread on the table and instead set himself to become a…

Les Amoureux Des Bancs Publics
Georges Brassens
The Intense Music2004
Les Amoureux Des Bancs Publics
Georges BrassensThe Intense Music2004