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Soul Toronados

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Soul Toronados

Soul Toronados has been played on NTS shows including Jazzman, with Boot's Grove first played on 16 January 2018.

Late 60's funk band from Akron, Ohio, USA.

James "Boots" Smith (guitar) Bobby Heller (organ) Bruce Martin (bass) Charles Heller (dums)

Recorded a number of songs in July 1969 in Detroit, MI which were subsequently released as 7" singles via labels; Magic City, Burt & Westwood - with varying spellings of the band's name.

Soul Toranodoes - Go For Yourself b/w Funky Thing (Magic City - 008) Soul Toranodoes - Go For Yourself b/w Funky Thing (Burt 4000) The Soul Toranodoes - Hot Pants Break Down b/w Boot's Groove (Magic City - 014) The Soul…

Boot's Grove
The Soul Toranodoes
Magic City1971
Boot's Grove
The Soul ToranodoesMagic City1971