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Da Phathedz

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Da Phathedz

Da Phathedz was first played on NTS on 19 January 2018. Songs played include Hip Hop 303.

DA PHATHEDZ. The producer-combo is actually two brothers (twins to be exact) that lives in queens and that is still very active in producing (under the synonym “Da TuneRaiderz”) and engineering (as “Da Phathedz”). The duo is production-wise not only limited to Hip Hop but also in latin styles and reggaeton and besides that they also co-own the label Gladiator Records. During their long career Da Phathedz already produced & engineered many songs for artists like Q-Tip, Rah Digga, Masta Ace, Tragedy Khadafi etc. and, as they say,…

Hip Hop 303
Da Phathedz
Unda' Ground Flow1994
Hip Hop 303
Da PhathedzUnda' Ground Flow1994