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Claudio Rocchetti

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Claudio Rocchetti

Claudio Rocchetti was first played on NTS on 21 January 2018. Songs played include Northern Exposure.

claudio rocchetti: inside the body of sound

The work of Claudio Rocchetti is a deep plunge into thick sound, investigating its innermost workings. Using a variety of devices such as turntables, audio cassettes, samplers, radios, and microphones, often incorporating other objects and traditional instruments, Berlin-based Rocchetti builds compelling structures that employ sound as sheer matter, mass, and impact. “I have a very direct approach to sound, trying to act on instruments and devices,” he says.

The tarry, mesmerizing hues that characterize his “music objects” are grounded in layers of sound detritus,…

Northern Exposure
Claudio Rocchetti
Wallace Records, Boring Machines2009
Northern Exposure
Claudio RocchettiWallace Records, Boring Machines2009