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Penny Rimbaud

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Penny Rimbaud

On 2 March 2020, Penny Rimbaud was a guest on Making a Mixtape with Richard Russell. Penny Rimbaud was first played on NTS on 30 January 2018. Songs played include The Furious.

Jeremy John Ratter (born 8 June 1943, Northwood, Middlesex, England), better known under his pseudonym of Penny Rimbaud, is a drummer, writer, poet, former member of performance art groups EXIT and Ceres Confusion, and co-founder of the anarchist punk band Crass with Steve Ignorant in 1977.

Rimbaud (so named as a tribute to poet Arthur Rimbaud, the 'Penny' being a pun on the phrase "arfer (half a) penny", referring to the long discontinued British…

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