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Ex Humans

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Ex Humans

Ex Humans has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with Ανώφελη Επιβίωση first played on 15 August 2018.

Greek punk band was formed in 1982, & was plagued throughout its existence by member changes & the need to borrow members from other bands.

In 1984, they take part in the "Diataraksh Koinhs Hsuxias [ disruption of public peace - a.k.a. disturbance of common peace ]" compilation, while their only record titled "anofeli epiviosi / useless survival ]" is released in that same year. The line-up that recorded the LP was: Yorgos "Havoc" Alevras (vox, guitar - currently in Velocity), Yannis Trompetas (bass, also…

Ανώφελη Επιβίωση
Ex Humans
Enigma Records1984
Ανώφελη Επιβίωση
Ex HumansEnigma Records1984