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Sleetmute Nightmute

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Sleetmute Nightmute

Sleetmute Nightmute has been played on NTS shows including Brain Dead Radio, with Night Of Long Knives first played on 9 February 2018.

A dissonant assault of totally raging No Wave Noise-Punk, fronted by two female singers, sounding like a combination of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks with Arab on Radar. Unrelenting, neurotic, reckless and with an explosive fury! Sleetmute Nightmute’s raging and dissonant debut was shelved indefinitely after the band’s mid tour break up. Internal troubles and frequent on stage fist fights were a thing of legend at the time and ultimately lead to a premature demise, but clearly this is an album born from…

Night Of Long Knives
Sleetmute Nightmute
Fast Weapons2010
Night Of Long Knives
Sleetmute NightmuteFast Weapons2010