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Mono Band

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Mono Band

Mono Band has been played on NTS shows including Panorama Heaven w/ Bianca Lexis, with Ghost Town (Vocal Version) first played on 3 March 2018.

Mono Band is an Irish rock/electronica band. Mono Band has a rather unique approach in utilising a different lead vocalist for almost every song. The band consists of Noel Hogan and various guest artists on a track-by-track basis. Mono Band traces its roots back to what was intended to be The Cranberries' sixth studio album. Noel had been working on tracks when The Cranberries announced their hiatus. Using his home studio Noel set about exploring more electronic music of various genres….

Ghost Town (Vocal Version)
Mono Band (D.J. Mody mix)
Discomagic Records1984
Ghost Town (Vocal Version)
Mono Band (D.J. Mody mix)Discomagic Records1984