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Paradise Island

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Paradise Island

Paradise Island has been played on NTS shows including Melon Magic w/ Powell, with Dream Tree first played on 7 March 2018.

Jenny Hoyston is Paradise Island. She's also the vocalist/guirarist from the no wave/indie band Erase Errata.

Paradise Island released a CD in July 2006 for the label Latitudes (an imprint of Southern Records), a series of studio sessions recorded in the spirit of the John Peel sessions done at Radio 1. The release included a cover of The Grateful Dead song "Terrapin Station".

Paradise Island discography:

-"Getup" EP 2003 (Dim Mak) -Lines Are Infinitely Fine LP 2003 (Dim Mak) -Seeing Spots EP 2006 (Latitudes…

Dream Tree
Jenny Hoyston's Paradise Island
Fractured Recordings2008
Dream Tree
Jenny Hoyston's Paradise IslandFractured Recordings2008