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Age Of Mirrors

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Age Of Mirrors

Age Of Mirrors has been played on NTS in shows including Ruf Dug, featured first on 9 March 2018. Songs played include Wave About Her.

Formed in 1985 out of the remnants of Benzene Jag, this three piece from Hamilton featuring Bob Bryden (Christmas, Reign Ghost) under the pseudonym of Simon De Beaupre. The band blended Euro-pop uptempo love songs and eclectic dance tunes and their debut LP, 'Mirage', play listed on college charts around Toronto. Reaction was unanimously good but lack of proper distribution slowed both the album and the band. The band, undeterred, recorded a second album, 'Screenplay', before packing it in. Bryden…

Wave About Her
Age Of Mirrors
A Major Record Label1985
Wave About Her
Age Of MirrorsA Major Record Label1985