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جواد معروفی

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جواد معروفی

جواد معروفی has been played on NTS shows including Cooking with Palms Trax, with Kou Kou first played on 28 March 2018.

Javad Maroufi (جواد معروفی) was born in Tehran in 1919. He was one of the first musicians who chose to perform Persian music on the piano. Piano and violin were brought to Persia during the reign of the Qajar King Nassereddin-Shah. In the beginning, these instruments could only be found in the royal palaces and the homes of the nobility. Qolamreza Salar Moazez, Motamedolmolk Yahyaian, and Mahmoud Mofakham were among the first musicians who introduced the piano in Persia. Alinaqi Vaziri taught piano…

Kou Kou
جواد معروفی, DJ. Ma'Roufi
Ahang Rooz0
Kou Kou
جواد معروفی, DJ. Ma'RoufiAhang Rooz0