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Human Skab

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Human Skab

Human Skab has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 11 April 2018. Songs played include Screamin' Demon.

"Well, there's this 10-year old singer from Elma, Washington. He's really cool. His mom calls him Travis but his real name is Human Skab. Picture this: the Skab zips around the living room shooting toy guns. He hits the family piano with his fists. He tries real hard to play guitar. He makes up songs about terrorism and radiation and throwing rocks at windows. Cool!" -- Bruce Pavitt, Sub Pop Zine 1986

"If Captain Beefheart were ten years old, this is what he'd…

Screamin' Demon
Human Skab
Family Vineyard2010
Screamin' Demon
Human SkabFamily Vineyard2010