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DJ Gogo

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DJ Gogo

DJ Gogo has been played on NTS in shows including AD 93 w/ Tasker, featured first on 19 August 2018. Songs played include Sayna (Vers 2).

DJ Gogo is, unquestionably, the most popular and most successful Swiss DJ to date. Whether behind the decks, or as a promoter of cult parties, or as a producer of top progressive tracks. in the Swiss club scene, one name stands out: "Gogo"!

Gogo the DJ and Promoter/Event Manager

In 1987 the dance music oriented Gogo traded his musical instruments for two turntables and a mixer, and began spinning his first records. His first real experience was at a techno party…

Sayna (Vers 2)
DJ Gogo
Cyber Records2002
Sayna (Vers 2)
DJ GogoCyber Records2002