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Krunoslav Kićo Slabinac

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Krunoslav Kićo Slabinac

Krunoslav Kićo Slabinac has been played on NTS shows including You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker, with Tvoj Dječak Je Tužan first played on 2 May 2018.

Born in Osijek on 28th of March 1948. He started his singing career with Osijek's pop groups and his solo career was marked by song "Plavuša" (eng. Blonde:P). Nowadays he sings on festivals, winner of many awards, he often goes on tours for Croatian diaspora. He is a succesfull hit composer, founder of "tambura" band "Bećari" with whom he entertains and fosters original melodies of Croatian people.


Rođen u Osijeku 28.03.1948. S pjevanjem je započeo u Osiječkim pop grupama…

Tvoj Dječak Je Tužan
Krunoslav Slabinac
Tvoj Dječak Je Tužan
Krunoslav SlabinacJugoton1971