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Joji Hirota

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Joji Hirota

Joji Hirota has been played on NTS shows including Sounds Of The Dawn, with Rain Forest Dream first played on 18 August 2018.

廣田丈自 Joji Hirota (born in Hokkaido) is a Japanese percussionist, composer, singer and flautist.

Hirota's albums Wheel of Fortune and Sahasurara (Sahasurara was released under the name George Hirota) are two fine pieces of jazz fusion/prog rock. Amazing drumming in the vein of Magma, King Crimson, etc, excellent bass, piano, analog synths galore, as well as koto and other Japanese instrumentation, etc. His later albums are less jazz fusion and more new age/world music vein.

Rain Forest Dream
Joji Hirota
Rain Forest Dream
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