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PVC has been played on NTS shows including Finn, with Lovebreak (P.v.C 'Don't Want Cha' Remix) first played on 23 June 2018.

There are at least five bands called PVC. One being a German punk band, the second one a Dutch punk band, then, a Norwegian New Wave band, a Belgian HipHop formation, and one of the alias of Dutch hardcore techno producers Dano & No Sweat. In addition, Ari J. Ruokamo has releases under the same name.

Together with Male, PVC were one of the first German punk bands, founded in 1977. However, they did not release an LP until 1983, their self-titled album PVC….

Lovebreak (P.v.C 'Don't Want Cha' Remix)
Peach V Colucci, Irena
Bubble Chamber Records1997
Lovebreak (P.v.C 'Don't Want Cha' Remix)
Peach V Colucci, IrenaBubble Chamber Records1997