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Twelve 88 Cartel

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Twelve 88 Cartel

Twelve 88 Cartel has been played on NTS shows including Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay, with Flags On A Hill first played on 29 August 2018.

Formed Portsmouth 1984 by IG (Simon Heartfield) Chiaro (Tim Martin) and Floyd (Ed Jobling) who met at the local Art College. The band worked extensively with Bite Back! records through which they released the 7" EP "Sweating Furore" which was produced by Jim Shaw from label-mates Cranes. This was followed by the 12" six-track miniLP "Maxim", the video LP "Evidence" and their final 12" EP "Tension Crush". The track "Bell Song" received plays from MTV and Radio One's John Peel. The band…

Flags On A Hill
Twelve 88 Cartel
Bite Back!1986
Flags On A Hill
Twelve 88 CartelBite Back!1986