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Man Is A Rope

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Man Is A Rope

Man Is A Rope has been played on NTS shows including Awkward Movements, with Recipe first played on 29 January 2014.

Man Is A Rope is not a band but rather a process developed by New York songwriter / producer / artist, Evan T. Q. Kreeger. Using live instrumental and vocal performances with analog effects to make electronic hybrid music rather than employing virtuals, loops or samples, Man Is A Rope creates its own unique dark dynamics and complex churns which invoke elements from No Wave, early MUTE/4AD, Rowland S. Howard, The Cabs, Detroit / Birmingham techno, A Certain Ratio, The Swans, Coil, 70’s Crimson,…

Man Is A Rope
Variance New York2013
Man Is A RopeVariance New York2013