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DJs On Strike!

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DJs On Strike!

DJs On Strike! has been played on NTS shows including The Tim & Barry Show, with Smells Like Teen Spirit (Remix) first played on 11 December 2014.

So who is Johnny Kawasaki? Word of this polarized genius has spread far and wide, leading to a cult following and virulent sticker campaign carried out by thousands of loyal minions worldwide. The fruits of Johnny Kawasaki's propaganda campaign can be seen places such as Mexico, Canada, England, USA, Poland, Czechoslovakia -- pretty much everywhere! His underground campaign has garnered him huge press articles in top DJ Culture magazines such as URB and Ministry Of Sound. No one…

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Remix)
Nirvana (DJs On Strike! mix)
Not On Label (Nirvana)0
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Remix)
Nirvana (DJs On Strike! mix)Not On Label (Nirvana)0