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Fisk Industries

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Fisk Industries

Fisk Industries has been played on NTS shows including Meandyou, with Canopy (Fisk Industries Remix) first played on 25 November 2016.

London based Mat Ranson is the man behind the Fisk Industries moniker, melding dub-heavy bass with restrained powerful rhythms and intricate sound design.

After studying Time Based Media and Graphic Design at art college in Birmingham he became deeply involved in creating his own musical structures and compositions, using a hybrid of digital and analog - drawn to pure electronic synthesis whilst also utilizing the acoustic properties of analog sound - building, using and manipulating live instruments and field recordings to create new sounds for…

Canopy (Fisk Industries Remix)
Yard (Fisk Industries mix)
Yard Rec2010
Canopy (Fisk Industries Remix)
Yard (Fisk Industries mix)Yard Rec2010