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X-Ray has been played on NTS in shows including Ross Allen, featured first on 2 November 2017. Songs played include I Need You.

There are at least five bands / musicians called X-Ray.

X-Ray (Heavy Metal) became active in Kansai, Japan in March of 1982. Their first full-length studio album named "Hard Section" was released on June 21st of 1983.

Akira Fujimoto: Vocals Shin Yuasa: Guitar Takafumi Usui: Bass

Kazuhisa Takahashi: Drums

Lukasz "X-Ray" Sychowicz is an Atarai XE/XL chiptune composer and a member of the Grayscale Project. See also

X-Ray (Detroit Techno) is a techno collaboration between the Belleville Three; Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May

X-Ray (Hip Hop) is…

I Need You
Kamar (K. Chandler, X-Ray mix)
DragInDrag Records1994
I Need You
Kamar (K. Chandler, X-Ray mix)DragInDrag Records1994