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Lost has been played on NTS in shows including Motive, featured first on 10 May 2018. Songs played include Hold Tight (Lost Remix).

There is more than one artist with this name:

Lost is an Italian indie/pop rock band consisting of four boys from Vicenza and Thiene, in northern Italy.

Lost is a band from Poland. They are a crust/punk band playing gloomy and slow hardcore. Agnes of Homomilitia sings, her vocal style has been perfected to a deep and dark guttural place, which compliments Lost`s guitar-driven metallic edge. The band has made LOST: Thoughtless /Bez Zastanowienia EP and Fear /Strach LP/CD. LOST is on…

Hold Tight (Lost Remix)
Slum Village feat. Q-Tip (Lost mix)
Ne'Astra Music Group2018
Hold Tight (Lost Remix)
Slum Village feat. Q-Tip (Lost mix)Ne'Astra Music Group2018