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Steve Miller

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Steve Miller

Steve Miller has been played on NTS shows including BUBBLES, with Sexual (Li Da Di) (Afterlife Chillout Remix) first played on 2 July 2018.

Steve Miller (born October 5, 1943 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an American blues and rock and roll guitarist and performer, best known for his work leading the Steve Miller Band.

Miller was born to Dr. George "Sonny" Miller, a pathologist, jazz enthusiast and amateur recording engineer, and Bertha, a jazz-influenced singer. In 1950, the family moved to Dallas, Texas. His first guitar chords were taught to him by the legendary Les Paul, pioneer of the electric guitar and also Miller's godfather. While…

Sexual (Li Da Di) (Afterlife Chillout Remix)
Amber (Afterlife, Steve Miller mix)
Tommy Boy2002
Sexual (Li Da Di) (Afterlife Chillout Remix)
Amber (Afterlife, Steve Miller mix)Tommy Boy2002