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Tatanka has been played on NTS shows including Precious Metals w/ EndgamE, with Hardventure (2005 Tatanka Remix) first played on 25 July 2018.

There is more than one artist with this name:

1) An Italian Hardstyle DJ and Producer 2) An electro-dub reggae band from Denver, Colorado, USA 3) A punk band from Poland 4) A Native American band 5) A Progressive/Post-Metal, Vancouver based band.

1) Tatanka Biography It was around 1993 when he first got in contact with Dance/House music. Fascinated as he was by this scene, he started mixing records together with a friend who occassionally used to organize some private parties among student friends. In 1995 he got his first…

Hardventure (2005 Tatanka Remix)
K-Traxx, Ithaka (Tatanka mix)
Titanic Records2005
Hardventure (2005 Tatanka Remix)
K-Traxx, Ithaka (Tatanka mix)Titanic Records2005