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Crossfire has been played on NTS shows including No Boring Intros w/ Jon Rust, with Flight 1235 first played on 29 July 2018.

There are at least 16 bands that have used the name Crossfire.

A metal band from Belgium A metal band from Ankara, Turkey Drum and Bass DJ from Europe A jazz fusion band from Australia A blues band from Northern Ireland A metal band from Ecuador A glam metal band from Israel A punk/ska band from Scotland A straight edge punk band from the United Kingdom An Alternative/Punk Rock band from the UK A psychobilly/punkabilly band from Japan. A teddy boy rockabilly…
Flight 1235
RP Boo feat. Crossfire, DJ Phil
Planet Mu2018
Flight 1235
RP Boo feat. Crossfire, DJ PhilPlanet Mu2018