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The Good Missionaries

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The Good Missionaries

The Good Missionaries has been played on NTS in shows including La Vida es un Mus , featured first on 31 August 2018. Songs played include Action Time Vision.

The Good Missionaries emerged, phoenix-like, from the ashes of Alternative TV (ATV).

"[Mark] Perry has cheerfully and naively disregarded the slightest imitation of rock 'n' pop frameworks and become totally intrigued by noise, space and improvisation." Paul Morley 31.3.79

Paul Morley's quote refers to end of ATV. However it also perfectly sums up the the Good Missionaries.

One album and single were issued to mixed acclaim and poor sales before the band called it a day.

Action Time Vision
ATV, Good Missionaries
Conventional Tapes1980
Action Time Vision
ATV, Good MissionariesConventional Tapes1980