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Yoji Biomehanika

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Yoji Biomehanika

Yoji Biomehanika was first played on NTS on 5 September 2018. Songs played include Look @ The Heaven (Rave Mix).

Yoji Biomehanika, can only be described as the Japanese Lord of NRG or Nu-NRG Master, and Japan's No 1. NRG DJ overseas.

In the evolution of the electronic music world, Super Star DJs from around the globe have replaced the persona of the rock star for many music fans, and have become the driving force in building the image of our industry.

Having already achieved rock star status in his country of Japan, Yoji smashes all the rules in the book and puts vitality back into…

Look @ The Heaven (Rave Mix)
Yoji Biomehanika
Hellhouse Recordings2000
Look @ The Heaven (Rave Mix)
Yoji BiomehanikaHellhouse Recordings2000