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Ekkohaus has been played on NTS in shows including 88 Transition w/ Tasker, featured first on 1 September 2013. Songs played include Peoples (Ekkohaus' Summer Touch).

Ekkohaus was born in Greece a few decades ago. His real name is Kostas Tassopoulos but he soon realised that this was not the kind of name he could base a career on. He has studied vibraphone and percussion and he just got a BA in music technology (London College of Music & Media). In 2002 he moved to London hoping that he could focus on the remarkable kraft of music production. There, he tried to mix every possible culture,…

Peoples (Ekkohaus' Summer Touch)
Iron Curtis (Ekkohaus mix)
Morris Audio Citysport Edition2009
Peoples (Ekkohaus' Summer Touch)
Iron Curtis (Ekkohaus mix)Morris Audio Citysport Edition2009