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Bill Coleman

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Bill Coleman

Bill Coleman has been played on NTS shows including Noise In My Head, with I've Got That Feelin' (Love Dub) first played on 17 January 2017.

There are two artists named Bill Coleman:

1 - Bill Coleman (William Johnson Coleman, Paris, Kentucky, August 4, 1904 – August 24, 1981, Toulouse, France) was a jazz trumpeter.

In 1909 his family moved from Kentucky to Cincinnati. His first musical explorations were on clarinet and C melody saxophone, but he eventually settled on trumpet. As a young man he worked as a messenger for the Western Union telegraph company. He studied with Cincinnati trumpeter Theodore Carpenter, and played in…

I've Got That Feelin' (Love Dub)
RuPaul (Bill Coleman mix)
Cardiac Records1991
I've Got That Feelin' (Love Dub)
RuPaul (Bill Coleman mix)Cardiac Records1991