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Murder Inc.

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Murder Inc.

Murder Inc. has been played on NTS shows including Rap Vacation, with Murdergram (Radio Edit) first played on 6 September 2018.

There are at least three groups by this name:

A short-lived industrial metal supergroup (formed 1991), w/ Killing Joke members & vocalist Chris Connelly. They consisted of Connelly; current Killing Joke members Geordie Walker, Paul Raven & Martin Atkins; former Killing Joke drummer “Big Paul” Ferguson; & Killing Joke live keyboardist John Bechdel. Unsurprisingly, their musical style is similar to, contemporaneous, Killing Joke's.

The group produced a eponymous album and an accompanying remix EP, Corpuscle, before disbanding. A compilation album, Locate Subvert Terminate, contains both…

Murdergram (Radio Edit)
Murder Inc.
Def Jam Recordings1998
Murdergram (Radio Edit)
Murder Inc.Def Jam Recordings1998