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Stig Inge

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Stig Inge

Stig Inge has been played on NTS in shows including Paradise show w/ Kasra V, featured first on 9 September 2018. Songs played include Idiot 2002.

Born in a small village in the heart of Saxony, Germany, he moved to Dresden in 2004.

His first passions were German and American hip-hop but somehow he realized that this kind of music must be related to electronic music in some way. He found out when completely turning from hip-hop to electro, even more immersing himself into beats and grooves and trying to let even more everyday-impressions flow into them.

Apart from being a DJ he produces his own music,…

Idiot 2002
Stig Inge
Idiot 2002
Stig IngeZCKR2016