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Byungki Hwang

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Byungki Hwang

Byungki Hwang has been played on NTS in shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, featured first on 9 September 2018. Songs played include Sigyetap (The Clock Tower, 4 Movements).

Hwang Byungki (황병기, 31 May 1936, Seoul — 31 January 2018) was the foremost South Korean player of the gayageum, a 12-string zither with silk strings. Hwang is also a composer and an authority on Korean sanjo, a form of traditional Korean instrumental music.

Hwang Byungki (the family name is Hwang) was born in Seoul in 1936, he studied gayageum and composition at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts from 1951, continuing to learn traditional music…

Sigyetap (The Clock Tower, 4 Movements)
Byungki Hwang
Arc Music2007
Sigyetap (The Clock Tower, 4 Movements)
Byungki HwangArc Music2007